Well, this is my new footer :slight_smile:

Its probably not according to the standards, but then again I don’t expect to win, because you all have such great footers… :thumb:

[swf=“ height=60 width=300”][/swf]

and my old one (minus the funky sounds)

[swf=“ height=60 width=300”][/swf]

you should make the game random. :slight_smile: thats awesome tho. :slight_smile:

Oh, and thanks for fixing it. I deleted the other thread. I could have just edited your thread and included it like it was supposed to be, but I have already done that to about 40% of the people participating in the contest already… I was annoyed. :slight_smile: I apologize if I sounded mean at all. :slight_smile:

It is random…

But I only have 10 questions, so the same questions tend to pop up again and again… i spent about 5 hours on this one though (don’t laugh… I’m still learning), so by the time i got to the end I couldn’t think of any more questions… I still have about 3k to play with so I guess I could add some more questions to the list as I think of them :stuck_out_tongue:

ohhh I see its random. Thats cool. It didn’t seem random at first.

Could I see the file? I would like to know how you went about it?

if yes, then you can e-mail me at [email protected]

i will e-mail it to you now :slight_smile:

no prob… i wouldn’t expect you to do all my dirty work for me, and like you said… READ!!! hehehe… (it was my bad)…

you will probably laugh when you see the script for this thing… i’m sure i can fix up on quite a bit, but i’ll get there one day :slight_smile: