The John Mayer thread reminded me of this one.

I like the loading bar as well as the mp3 player.

Also the transitions are pretty unique.

i like that site. it’s fun to play w/. :slight_smile:

[color=white]you are a truly insightful president.[/color]


The colors, the transitions, the layout, great…i like the way it flows…

love the flowing lines in the composition and how they look like they’re being drawn, want to try that on my site

all i can say is WOW!!
Thats what a flash site should be

Yeah, I love their site… not as much as I love them though.

Nice site but I absolutely hate the music. It’s been played too much. It used to be good.

I liked this band. The song they sampled was great.

The site isn’t crazy but there is some cool stuff going on :).

what?!! whad’ya mean this site isnt crazy. Its more than crazy, its sick, head nuh good, murderous (that means it great - atleast where i’m from :slight_smile: )
Show me something much better then i’ll become a believer. I sincerely believe that maroon5’s site is one of the best flash sites on the web.

well you’re over definitely exagerating worm… there are thousends of flash site better than that… is a good one… maybe not a flashy but it better. Or just found here in a topic… no maroon5’s site is nice… i wish i good make such a site, but not extreme nice. btw i had a scrollbar to the right of my screen all the time wich i couldnt scroll… did some of you had that too? if so, the site isnt that great at all.

It just doesn’t impress me as much. I think the site is nice but not something to say “Oh My God!!!”…

Anywho, like I said I love their music :D.

my question is how did they mack that pixely picture? It was pretty cool :slight_smile:

Well I think this site is very very impressive. And OxCube doesn’t really work for me. Plus I seriously doubt there are thosands of sites better than Maroon 5’s site. There may be alot of sites more technically advanced (ie coding crap) but I’d say there aren’t many with such a good design and implementation. It really is excellent. So is their music. ‘This Love’ is a great tune.
nods head to music

“This Love” is def a great song :), I agree.

WOW great post :slight_smile:

What’s that supposed to mean :bad:?

Maybe he was… oh you know… referring to the thread and not you?

Anyhow, excellent site!

Yea…maybe I was…on you know…referring to him being sarcastic and not serious?

:bad: - No but I thought he was making fun of my useless post :P.

This site is really nice :slight_smile: I really like the background wallpaper. The colors blend in nicely also.

Yea that brown is what got me :crazy:.

I’m crazy for brown :).