Mask over a mask?

Probably yet another stupid question but how/can you put a mask overtop of another mask? Let me explain. I have a mask that I created over another layer and the other layer is loading an external swf. I wanted to make another mask overtop of the original and put my music controls and menu.

If you can make sense out of that mess than you must be a pro :wink:


so is it not possible?

check other forums posted here i think i say something that you are looking for

post your fla so we can see what exactly it is you want to do

figured it out… stupid me it was late and I didnt even try to make another layer unmasked over top of the one that I had… solved my own problem :wink: thanks for the help though… now its onto my next problem of not being able to size my external swfs properly…

anyone know how to help that?