Mask preloader problems

Hey all. I’ve got (what should be) a simple problem with my preloader: I am using a mask as the loadbar, so that the object mask increased proportionally to the amount loaded. I made the same effect using a tween here - but it didn’t work for me as a preloader as can be seen at . I am probably missing something really simple, but if anyone has time check out my source

As always, thanks :slight_smile:

bump any suggestions plz?? :confused:

this line:

this.loadBar._width = getPercent*160;

the instancename is “loadbar”:wink: [size=1](watch the capital “B”)[/size]


You know what, I actually noticed that just before I came on here. Thanks anyway Scotty, I’m hoping thats the ony bug in there :wink:

no problem:)