Mask problem

Alright, I’ll spill it out here, I’m a Flash newbie. I have to admit it’s pretty fun, until you come across a stumbling block. And, I’ve come across one of these and fallen flat on my face.

My problem? Masking. I thought I had it down, but I guess not. When previewing my .fla file in Flash MX it does like it should. The problem comes when I publish it. When I publish it and it gets to the second scene, where the title screen comes up with the name of the Flash, things kind of go wrong.

Below, is my attached .fla file. I just really need to find out what to fix. With publishing it just, well, it’s a black box and not the working mask that I had intended. If anyone could help me understand the problem and help me learn something to correct this in the future, I’d really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

not sure what exactly was ur problem, for one i mad the text static, and it worked

lol, i can’t figure out how to fix it, but I see the problem. Perhaps u can fix it.
Arn’t you suppose to have 3 layers for masking? On being the one that’s hidden, another being the one that hides the hidden one, and another one to reveal…
and another thing, I don’t think your revealer (the gradient bar) would really do much, it’ll reveal the whole thing as if nothing was there anyway, I would try a small gradient first.

You can do this type of masking on two layers. It’s on a tutorial I’ve read and I’ve done it before in another test flash. Well, somehow it was trashed and removed from recycling bin and I have no idea how to fix it. :expressionless: I downloaded the “static” one and it didn’t work. I even made my text static and tried it and it didn’t work.

While viewing in the program is all good and well, it doesn’t mean it will perform when you Publish. I always publish to see if things are going to appear as they should.

I guess this one still is open for the time being. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks.

Ohhh, heh, I tried to help, end up I learning something new. Gotta love those win win situations.

did u dl the one i did? not sure what ur looking for

yeah, I did, but all it turns out is I didn’t know any better, lol. Can u give me the place with the tutorial to two-layer-masking?

Digital, yes and it didn’t work. I can try agian, but, from what I saw last night it didn’t work.

Spirit, I’ll send you a PM with it.