Problem with masking

In a banner I’m working on the Object that is suppose to appear behind the mask appears in front of it when published but not when I watch it on the fla.
I’m not good at explaining things. But if you download the fla I attached and goto file/publish preview/html then look at the symbol “andy” It’s prety obvious what the problem is. I would apprieciate it if someone can tell me what’s wrong.
-Thank You

Oops forgot to attach

You got right click the layer u wanna mask or the layer u wanna have the effect on and say “mask”…

I already did that, thx anyway, if someone looks at the fla the problem will be more obvious. Can anyone help me out?

You can’t mask text just like that.

2 solutions:[list][]Embed the font[]Break apart your text (twice)[/list]pom :asian:

We should put this in the AS tricks, don’t you think??

It works fine now, thx. What has this got to do with AS?

You’re right, but it has to do with tricks. So let’s create a non-AS tricks section, yeah baby!!