Masking a slider image?

I am trying to figure out why my mask is not working. I have an panaramic image and have put it in a flash with a draggy action script, with a rectangle mask (acting as a window) to show only part of the image. What I want to do is to allow the user to control the direction and speed of the image as it passes in front of the window. When I publish it the mask is not there but the image does move correctly.

any answers would be great and sugestions are equally valuable.

thanks Matt

This is the file that I published check it out if you want.

Thanks again


i dont think you can mask pictures.

am i right or am i wrong??

what you could do is trace your picture so its in vecotrs the try is. but the file size will rise.

I can mask the image if I do a motion tween and that works, but I want the user to control what he sees.

you can mask anything you darn well please (except quicktime movies).

are you trying to move the mask, or the picture behind it?

unfortunately, a movie on a mask layer cannot be targeted, but movies beneath the mask should behave normally.

any more info you can give to help me understand your problem?

I think i know what you mean. What you do is create a new layer ontop of the mas and in that layers draw out what you want your window to look like, make sure its the same size as your mask. Thats how i achieved the effect in my footer.

Lets try this.

On my main timeline I have four layers an action layer, graphics layer, mask layer, and slider layer(going top to bottom)

Actions layer has a stop action
graphics layer has some graphics
mask layer is the mask
slider layer has the startDrag action(I took a sliding menu and added an image instead of buttons)

the fla file is here it is about a 200k file. If you want to look at what I have done there it is.

I am not sure what else to do I think I will experiment with the post about the navigation bar in action script forum.

Thanks again

the mask is not working because the duplicated clips are appearing over top of it.

to mask duplicated clips, put the clip you’re duplicating in a movie and mask that movie. that way, the duplicated clips are all inside the masked movie and stay underneath the mask.

good luck!

Ok, thanks, but maybe I did something wrong?

I did what you said,by making a movie (F:cool: out of the slider.
Now the mask is working but the drag is not. It has become a static image.

any other hints?


that smilee face was suposed to be f8, the shortcut key to make a symbol, what hapened?


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look in the “draggy” movie. all those commands are assuming that the movies are in _root. now that you’ve moved them, you’ll need to scope those commands accordingly.

say you named your movie of duplicates “duplicates”, you could change all the references to read /duplicates/… , or you could surround the setproperty actions with a with block:

setPro…(etc, etc)

now it’s assuming that everything in the curlies is done with _root.duplicates. if it doesn’t find the variable in question it will look in the calling movie, and then in _root before giving up. that’s why the references to “speed” will still work inside the curlies.


Thanks supra!

I only updated the change of address on the main timeline. In the controller movie I needed to point them to the right place.

Thanks again

p.s. what I’m working on is my first flash site, and I’m very greatful for all the support that I have recieved.