Masking help!

hey guys!
I’m not a noobie when it comes to flash… but I haven’t used in such a long time and now I’m learning it in school. we have a project where we have to make an MP3 player…

now i got everything to work … but I just have a few things that maybe you can help me with.

  1. I’m trying to mask out the little display underneath the playlist… so that when you click on the song in the playlist… the name of the song scrolls… but for some reason when i put the mask on … it masks everything… any ideas?

maybe i’ve been doing this for too long tonight… and its’ somethin really simple.

  1. Also for the display… I had my text fade in and fade out when you click on a song in the playlist… it works fine on the movie clip… btu when you play the swf back, it just appears while scrolling to the middle and doesnt actually fade in (and fade out)

check the fla… i didnt attach any other files… hopefully you can just check it with the fla. if not let me know! thanks!
im using osx just fyi