Masking question

I have been working with masking. I have created a little program that has pictures that are covered by the mask. As you move the cursor over the hidden picture it appears. Where ever the cursor moves that part of the picture remains visible until the entire picture is visible. This works well. There is a replay button so that after the pictures has been uncovered the user can replay the program and a new image will be waiting to be uncovered. The basis of the code that I used comes from this tutorial . To return to the beginning of the program I moved everything to frame 2 and used gotoAndPlay(1). The problem that I can not solve is that where the mask has been removed I get a flash of navy blue as the program moves back to frame one. I tried to insert a white movieclip over the entire canvas just prior to the gotoAndPlay(1). This works but the navy blue coloring exists outside the canvas so I can not completely cover it. Can anyone explain what this is and how I might get rid of it.

Thanks so much … Michael :hangover: