Masks and 16-bit question for fix - any ideas people?

Hi all, just a little information if anyone can shed light on the subject.

My aim is to generate a logo, i.e a vector art work. I have already done this using illustrator. And what I require from this is a shimmer of light passing through it. However a few problems are in my way in generating such an effect.

Firstly, the transparency factor at 16-bit colour mode. when I import the vector file into flash as a png file, you get a ghosted effect, if this is not bad enough. I would be very interested to know a method of approaching this in preventing such happening.

Secondally, I was just testing a typical mask, and totally forgotten how to have a fade mask rather than a solid block foundation, see or not to see. I hope this makes sense. For example the old starwars, fade in and fade out effect. Simple enough but the process involved has skipped my brain.

Finally, When generating a quick simple mask, i.e a box as the mask and text scrolling through it from left to right, dead easy. But look closer and you see the outline of the text that is supposed to be masked, uh!!! in 16-bit mode remember.

What is going on here. mmmm does anyone know or point me in the right direction, how about action script, can we state if masked set visible to false. There must be a way around this problem guys, please help me.


Trevor Saint