Master64 - Tank Wars

OK I was going to do something with an XML sockect-server but my friend who was going to host it went on hoildays and turn off his server. :sleep:

So I went with plan B and made it a 2 player game but on the same computer :slight_smile:

* Tank Wars *

Kirupa, I’m going away on Sunday and can’t get to a pc for a week:crying: so can I just PM/Email you my fla file?

M64 - don’t worry about it :slight_smile: I’m sure the judges trust you. If we suspect that a game has been ripped off, then we’ll ask for the FLA. So far, all of the games seem original!

Ok :angel:

holy crap! What a sweet game! Great stuff, I think it is between u and the falling blocks game :):):):):):slight_smile: good luck