Vote Now: Flash Game Contest

Hey everyone,
Here is your chance to make your opinions heard by voting for the Top entry from the judges’ picks. There were a lot of great entries, so everyone owes the judges who helped a great big thanks for taking their time to contribute to this contest.

If your favorite game did not make it in the above list, don’t worry - it may still make it on the site.

Voting will run until August 4th!

Kirupa :kommie:

Trios, Blast a Footer and Hackysack didn’t want to work for me :-/

trios and hackysack didn’t work for me, but blast a footer worked

To bad my highscores won’t work inside the kirupashell. If you want to get on the highscore you’ll have to use the real urls:

i chose blast footer, but i thought battle pong was really close

m_andrews & bombing - do the games work now? I used the exact HTML copied from each of the game’s original location.

why isn’t one of my games on the list?

nope, try checking the locations

I didn’t make it :crying:

thx guys :slight_smile:

trios and hackysack didn’t work for me, but blast a footer worked

:puzzled: So Trios just didn’t load eh? Well, if you want to try it out working properly with highscores it’s still at :



PS: It works for me on this site though, just without the high scores(obviously).

PPS: DOH!!! lower case g… sigh… now try, sorry guys.

your link doesn’T work for me too :frowning:

bombing/m_andrew - try now. I even tested it in Mozilla 1.5 to make sure it worked :stuck_out_tongue:

works now, thanks :slight_smile:

yeah, works now

Darn…lost another contest…:frowning:

Mattias has two entries even. Good for him

battle pong—ive seen that game on soo many game sites, and this version was EXACTLY the same as them. i mean, everything was exactly the same, the menu, the controls, the weapons, the net. everything!


Gutted my Super Mario didn’t make it, thought it was a dead cert :slight_smile: oh well, try, try again!