Matrix Online Fees Announced

Information from the community website Date Node One.

The pre-paid card price is legit, the other rates were posted by a community member from an official web page that appears to be still under development as it was unavailable when I double checked it.

60-day pre-paid The Matrix Online game card: $29.99
1 month plan at $14.99
3 month plan at $41.99
6 month plan at $77.99
12 month plan at $143.99

“Once players buy the game, they can choose to purchase Pre-Paid Game Cards. Sold at all retailers, the Game Cards will be priced at $29.99 and allow for 60 days of playtime. Once the 60 days are up, gamers can either buy another Pre-Paid Game Card or switch to subscribing through their credit cards.”

They’ve also released 4 training videos.