Mature Link?!

Anyone have any thoughts on the new upcoming Zelda?

It’s cool.

Lol “it’s cool.” Nice thought ;).

  • Sharif :stuck_out_tongue:

I gota get my mind out of the gutters.

LOL. Don’t worry Max, confused me too. But hell yea, every Zelda game has been awesome.

looks absolutly amazing !! apparently they have a system where links eyes actually follow the camera a small detail but i think its cool

might I ask why is this thread called mature link? but I remember zelda from way back when it was new, I haven’t played it once since

its called mature link because the main character is ‘link’

oh!! I forgot about that… I thought you were talking about a link to the nitendo’s site and you had to be mature to view it… :to: I’m stupid, or at least not all here today

Thank you Captain Obvious!

You think he might’ve gone through puberty yet o.O?


I didn’t catch it, are you calling me stupid? :stuck_out_tongue:

In other words…yes.

thought so :wink:

Haha all he gives is a wink. Good stuff!

This thread is called “Mature Link” because the game is more mature and it has a darker story compared to the previous Zelda games, and Tuna wanted to know what everyone thinks of that.

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hmm…pretty much the basis of my question…

hahahaha. matrix. all i can say is cant wait.