Maximized Flash movie with external SWF-files

EDIT: For less blah blah and more focus on my actual question, check out the second post in this thread. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello smart people,

I have a SWF-file with 2 objects in it:

  1. A rectangle with a gradient colour that covers the entire movie, which is used as background for the site.
  2. An empty MovieClip somewhere on top of the rectangle, used as a container to import external SWF files.

I want the rectangle with the gradient colour to cover the entire browser window, which I did by going to the Publish Settings - HTML and changing the dimensions to 100%. I also changed the setting “Scale” to “no border” to make sure my background (the rectangle with gradient colour) would be maximized as well.

The problem I’m having is that when the user makes his browser smaller, the whole main SWF and external SWF get smaller, and I want the external SWF to keep its dimensions. How do I fix this? The idea is a bit like, where the background fits every browser window from 1024x768 on, but all the components (buttons, logos, whatever) stay put.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: