Maya - learning books

I’m looking for a good (and by good I mean clear and complete) book to learn Maya. A bible, with step by step instructions and examples. Does anyone have such a book? Tips? Advice?

Thanks in advance! Mum wants to have X-mas gift ideas. :wink:

i highly recommend this book i purchased it and its very easy to understand and it also brings a 4 hours dvd tutorial session as well

check it out

im planning on getting the rendering book and the character rigging book for christmas :beam: if you purchase 2 books its cheaper :wink:

defintely go for that book. But why get a book when you can practically learn everything about maya from the web?

Here are sites that WILL definetly help you


basic - advanced (practically every tut. about maya on the web organized and catagorized)

thanks 4 da link kay, but books come in handy when theres no internet and to have for reference, and check out the tutorials maya brings its pretty good as well.

Cool! :slight_smile: Actually that was a review from the website… but I’ll pick this one, I trust ya. :wink:

Not bad for a first chapter! Is it an example straight from the book or did you make it all by yourself?

And of course I’ve been a good boy! :beam:

its a sample straight from the book its the first chapter trust me i never used a real 3D apt before and i purchased this book and i got up and made that its a great buy you wont regret it :thumb: