Maya vs Bryce 3D?

Which is better???Any advantages???

you cannot compare the 2…bryce is mainly for landscapes…and such although you can imprt stuff and work around but it is not what maya and the rest of the big guys are.

Photoshop vs. MS Paint

Which is better???Any advantages???

Dreamweaver vs NotePad…just kidding…I would have to say Bryce :beam: <—sarcasm

Don’t dis bryce too much. It may not compare on the modelling stakes but bryce has a very advanced texturing system and comparable render times.

They both have different purposes, and price tags… you can’t compare them. It’s like comparing a Cat to a Dog.

Actually I use bryce 5 when I want to make quick rocks and such…Something that is a more caliber of bryce would be like poser which good for a specialized purpose… Compare those 2 or something.

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**Photoshop vs. MS Paint

Which is better???Any advantages??? **

Hahahahaaaa… agree with all above

:: bryce as always has been a user-friendly automated landscape app, while Maya … all you have to do is look at what movies have used maya.


Lol I guess everyone is pretty pro Maya :stuck_out_tongue:

actually I am pro 3d studio max and LightWave.

LOL, what warrants this pointless excercise

who voted for Bryce 5 !!! :!:

someone deserves a trout slap… :trout:

slap away :stuck_out_tongue: