Discreet 3ds MAX Vs. Alias Maya

So everybody wich is the best:

3ds Max http://www4.discreet.com/3dsmax/
Maya http://www.alias.com/eng/products-services/maya/maya_unlimited/index.shtml

Comments welcome, reasons welcome aswell !

Depends one which one you’re good at and what you’re used to. You can’t forget things like LightWave and Cinema4D but between these 2 - and I have both - I’d pick 3D Studio Max only because I’m more used to it. But Maya has amazing modelling capabilities. 3DSM is hard to get used to in modelling but everything else sort of comes in.


3ds Max

Well, I’ve never used Maya but from I what I can tell, they each have their pros and cons.

When you say the best Chunk, you should know a bit about each application as well. Now to determine the best, you have to look at what you are going to use it for. For good modelling and rendering, just for you portfolio and freelancing, use something advanced but not too technical. Comparing 3DSM and Maya, Maya is of course more expensive but is really good for film. 3DSM is also good as well but they both have different cpapabitlies and features. I think you can download free versions. Try one of each and see how you go but the most expensive application doesnt mean they boast the best results from redering/moddeling. C4D or Lightwave produce great results also.

If you can search through here, see if you can find that link or another member can, the link that details “which software application is best for you”? Its valuable to read before any purchase.

Like mentioned before it depends what your going to use it for. They both are pretty much the same. Except I find that Maya is the prefered program of choice in most colleges and the film industry. But alot of gaming companys prefer max (don’t know why though) and unlike Maya Max is alot easier to use when exporting and importing it’s file to other progams.

you should do a search of the forums (especially drawing and design) because there are heaps of threads where people ask the same question, and discuss pros and cons of each, which should help you make a choice.

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It really depends on what you are going to be using it for. Low Poly i would say 3dsm, high poly, Maya.

Search the forums before you post as well :smiley:

Yea, how many of these threads are we going to have?

again? :a:

next time i see a Program vrs program thread im going to go crazy! as a matter of fact i think the next time i will close or remove the thread,

please search the forums next time, there have been numerous threads about topics like this already.

to answer your question:: the choice is yours, both do the same thing but just a different way, get the trials and try them out, pick the one that suits you the best.

tbh, i didnt say the thread was about meself, ive already got Maya and think its thrilling i just wanted to know what eveyone else uses and likes.

but sorry anyway.
and thanks.

Chunk: We have had like 500 million polls and threads for what people like - simple search next time is all we ask :smiley: :thumb:

I am closing this thread. For one reason, the tool does not make the artist. So no one can gauge what is better for you. I recommend getting the trial versions and see for yourself. These threads usually end in flames. If you are still curious do a search on the forum it has been discussed many times and wont be this time.