Maybe a simple AS battle?

im still not too confident with my actionscripting abilities but i’d be up for a simple AS battle. maybe a max of 25 lines and a simple theme. maybe make a simple game like pong or mastermind… i think it shouldn’t be purely actionscript, movieclips should be allowed. this battle shoulde be something that intermediate actionscripters like me can handle

no is interested? :frowning:

If you’re interested:

pom =)

my idea was way more complicated and unrealistic though.
I think zylum is onto something. Count me in. 25 lines is a lot more reasonable than a whole OOP interactivity thing.

great! finally a contestant. just a few more and we can get started… anyone have any ideas on a theme?

can you write mastermind in 25 lines??
does this include a computer opponent?

i bet i could but it wouldn’t be formatted properly and it would be impossible to read… isn’t mastermind a one player game though?

well sort of. I didnt really think about that. :-/

MasterMind in 25 lines? It would be a mess :-\ (2 days ago I would have said impossible, but someone at werehere did chess in 25 lines…) There’s no point in producing code that is impossible to read, I think, it’s better to keeps things simple :slight_smile:

well, it’s not impossible

i mean you could put everything in one line :slight_smile:

chess in 25 lines? that IS impossible :hair:

yeah, i would have to agree. i had to write a c++ program that played chess and with all the rules in that game, 25 lines wasn’t merely enough. that was the length of one of my smaller functions. that person that created it must’ve put a lot of code on single lines.

well you dont NEED newlines to write code. They just help you see what you’re doing better :wink: you can pretty much ditch any new line with the use of seperation by ; or {}


25 is pretty popular for AS battles. bit-101 seems to have had a few. We did some back at the old WH and recently I made an Artificial Life example over at in about 11 lines.

It kind of sucks though when you need to start ‘cheating’ to lessen the lines you use. :wink: