Maybe a stupid question

Hi there,

I recently upgraded from FP 2000 to FP 2002. In the old version of FP I was able to drag and drop html pages onto images in my gallery to link them to the appropriate html pages. But now with FP 2002 it will not allow me to do that and instead drags the text from the html title.

Any suggestions? Also when I am dropping thumbnails into my galleries and trying to replace images already in the gallery instead of the new thumbnail replacing the image that is there it adds it so there are now 2 images so I have to delete the other.

Am I missing something really basic?

Any help would be appreciated!


Hey GBB,
I have never used the drag and drop feature; therefore, I am not sure how to solve your problem. It very well might be a bug in FrontPage 2002 that is causing both of your problems.

I’ll explore the program’s menus and post if I find a setting or option that may be causing the problems you are having.