Front page 2002


I bought Front Page 2002 beginner Guide, I would like to tell you that it’s vdry easy to understand the book, especially when website is a stranger languge.

Your book really helped me to build my website (it’s not perfect yet, I’m still learning) but it will be perfect.

The problem is: after I desing my website with some color background, import graphics (Gif files) with art samples I finally upload and I was vry happy.

My question is: why on my computer before i upload everything is perfect, and after I upload it’s not correct? and also some of the art on my computer when I sign on it’s place o.k. but on my husband computer it’s diffrent, and my sister it’s difrent? Do I need to convert all art to a Gif or Pic. in order to place the art o.k.?

please help me!!

Ruth Cohen
Cohen Printing Inc.

Hello Ruth Cohen,
Are you not able to see the images when viewed on your sister’s and husband’s site? Do you see a transparent box with a red “x” in the place of the images. If so, the problem is caused by the file location of the images.

When you publish your site to the Internet, are you publishing the images as well? Another problem could be that the images are referring to a location on your Hard Drive that is not the same as in another person’s computer. Allow me to elaborate…

Often times, an image inserted from another location on your Computer, often gets saved with the path file<img src= ALT=":"> \My Documents\image.jpg, etc. Often times, a person viewing your site will not have an image file at the aforementioned location.

Therefore, the image will not be displayed. When you go to Explorer and preview the page, check the location that the images are loading from by right clicking on the area where the image is. If you see something other than “<a href=“http://www”,”>www",</a> and you see “file:/ //”, you will need to edit the page in FrontPage and make FrontPage links to the images on your Web server. I think this may be your problem. If not, please respond back with some more details on how the site does look on your sister’s and husband’s computer.