'mc' into another 'mc'.....2

WOW Quick response!!!

Thanks for coming back asap guys but I am still stuck!!!

The 2nd ‘mc’ is on the same timeline as the 1st ‘mc’ but the 1st ‘mc’ contains a button which has the instruction:

on (release) {

Which takes it to the 2n ‘mc’ .

The 2nd mc has 3 keyframes.

Keyframe 1 - 2 is a zoom effect and then frame 3 is the reverse effect and also it has the following instruction as suggested by the guys at 'ultrashock last night:


…Which doesn’t work.

All this instruction seems to do is send the 2nd ‘mc’ back to frame one in it’s own timeline!

Please ‘oh knowlegeable people’ help me resolve this before I disembowel myself with a plastic spoon!!!