Goto Frame 1

Ohkay… This may sound like a very basic thing to do… BUT IT JUST WONT WORK!!!.. heres the deal… I have a button inside a mc. i want it so that when i click this button it goes to frame 1 of scene 2!!
The script i tried was:
on (release) {
gotoAndStop(“Scene 1”, 1);

but im not sure if there should be a _root. in there…??

Can some one please help me!! PLEASE!!!:*(

You can only call a Scene from the main timeline. So to actually go back and call frame 1 outside of the MC it should go something like this…

on (release) {

This tells the movie to go back out of the movie clip onto the timeline before it (assuming that the movie clip is on the main timeline) then it plays frame 1 of that timeline.

Nice try… This works in the same scene but not too go from different scenes… hmm… any other sugestions… or am i just doin it wrong…
I have attached a little movie with the basic idea of what i want to do… If that will help

I just had a thread on this EXACT problem. Here I fixed your file.

Oh yeah, and when using nextScene() you aren’t suppoed to put anything between the (). The action nextScene() tells your move to play frame 1 of whatever scene is after the current one.

Hopefully it helps:)

THANK-YOU SO MUCH!!! I have been trying to fix that for… like… ever!!! Thankyou!!

No problem:)

Just remember for future reference that you can only change scenes from the main timeline, so if you are in a movie clip you will have to find a way to go back to the main timeline and call the action. This will come in handy:)