Yea ok sure whatever

Can i hide or make a MC invisible when rolling out from a button or another MC?

yes\r\r** here’s how to do it.**\ron the button that you want to control the movie clip put this code.\r\ron (release) {\rsetProperty ("/NAMEOFMC", _visible, 0)\r}\r\r\ryou can change the command to rollOver or rollOUt or whatever…hope that helps.


Hey Jubba,\rYou like that setProperty thing, don’t you ? The new syntax (well, new, since Flash 5 I believe) would be s’thing like _root.nameofTheClip._visible = 0 ;\rpom 0] ,* trying to make things correct*

yeah. setProp is what i know, i’m not too ready to jump into the dot-syntax or whatever…I’ll give it a try. \r\rMC._COMMAND = VALUE\r\rsomething like that, right?

Only got the 1st one to work.

if your code is right they should all work. are all the MCs you are targeting on the main stage? or are they contained in othre movie clips? the problem with these kinds of questions is there are many different things that could contribute to the proble, but its always something minor. if you want me to take a look at the .fla you can e-mail it to me [email protected]

Be careful to give INSTANCE NAMES to your movie clips !!\rpom 0]

I got the 1st one to work, but not the 2nd one, and thats enough.