Mc that loads the "main.swf" mc

Sup All ::

Okay here is my dilemma. I’ve searched for this topic, as I know it’ been covered, but I’m coming up dry here. I have a preloader bar for my website, however each time it loads it dosn’t show it’s loading until it reaches 72%.

From what I have read the way to go is to make a “preloader” movie for the “main.swf” movieclip.

However I’m coming up dry with the correct code. Instead of having a basic preloader in the 1st three frames of the main movie.

What and how do I create a movie clip that says hey.

Get movie clip … load … load … load, once loaded, load into x=0,y=0, or something like that.

Thanks all, michael

To make it easier, and my life easier :smiley: The preloader movie would be called

index.swf and the movie / website is called main.swf