McDonalds abused me

well image that, but only the size of a 5-gallon bucket.

Yeah… I thought about that… and… ew. Indescribable. I little jar is just flat out nasty (enough sometimes to make you gag) let alone a 5-gallon bucket.

this is what i did some weekend before…

a very good friend of me and i drove thru the mcdrive (we were drunk like no one else who’s still alive :crazy: …) and ordered (speaking dutch (my friend is from the netherlands)) a McGyver and KittenMcNuggets. As you can probably imagine, we were quite estonished when they said we’ll should drive to the next window and get and pay it there, because we were loughing so loud, so they should actually have noticed that we were just joking. so my friend drove to the next window. some strange woman gave us a bag, saying “one mcgyver and 9 kittenMcNuggets, thats 20 euros, sir”. we neither wanted to eat anything nor had much money with us, so we loughed at her and drove away very fast, the engine roared. i couldnt stop loughing…

lol :stuck_out_tongue:



and then imagine taking that five gallon bucket, and pumping it into a giant trash-bin size receptacle full of grease…

I once heard that McDonalds grease is actually fat syphoned from Marlon Brando’s ***. Any truth to this?

I never had to deal with the black box under the sink, fortunately the worst i had to do involved the grease from the deep fryer.

While we are on the subject of fast food, does anyone else think its wrong for places like McDonalds to lure kids into eating unhealthy from an early age through the use of Marketing? Happy Meals feature Disney toys, their mascot is a freakin’ clown, and most of them have ‘kiddie playplaces’. If its wrong for cigarette companies to target children, how can Ray Croc get away with it?

Children choose McDonalds for its toys and its playplace, not for its nutritional value. And we all know parents could give a crap about maintaining a healthy diet. (Ever noticed really fat people tend to raise really fat kids?) Soda is not the best thing for a young kid to be drinking, but it comes with every happy meal, and every value meal, Super Sized if you pay an extra 39 cents. Fast Food is evil, and it strips us of our appreciation for the food we get. When was the last time you saw someone stop to give thanks to god before tearing into that number 5?

Clever atendant hun?

thats great fishtank! :beam:


if youre drunk, you do such things…

… like ordering a McGyver :beam:

have you ever tried to order a steak or some kind of soup at the mc? would be funny too if one of these apprentice-guys would have to explain to you that they do not sell steaks…

Fish, that’s great! hahahaha

Back to A&W - I can remember going to the drive thru’s when I was really young and it was amazing!! The waitress’s had rollerskates and everything! (at least around here!)

I have had a friend work in every kind of fast food franchise and the stories they tell are enough to keep me from eating any kind of fast food.

Sure, I might order a drink or maybe even some fries… but ordering something with “meat” is another story.

As for the McDonald pranks - sorry, I don’t think it’s funny. I’m sure they get that a lot and that it’s getting old (especially the one about Taco Bell).

Rev: You are on the money with In N Out. I worked there in college for a little over two years. I can confidently say that everything is indeed fresh, never frozen and we use the highest quality meat and veggies. I’ve also NEVER witnessed any of my associates spitting, licking or adding any “special sauce” into a customer’s food. I think the worst thing I’ve done was actually add extra onions into a customers burger (she asked for no onions and was being very unruly).

I have to watch my burger being made…

I know too much about Safety and Sanitation/Human nature to just let a 16 yr old Philipino Thug with an attitude towards Management becuase he has to work Friday Nite, “season” my food…

that eliminates BK, McD, Wendy’s, Back in the Jox, etc…

I don’t miss them at all…
Thank goodness for In-N-Out…that, and Henry’s Diner, for there I can still enjoy a burger…


I used to eat dirt as a kid. Im still alive. Fast food is fair game in my court. Besides all of the attitudinally challenged 16 yr old Philipino thugs around here got my back :wink:



dirt is actually quite clean - germ-wise, as compared to bodily fluids excremated freshly into food…



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dirt is actually quite clean - germ-wise, as compared to bodily fluids excremated freshly into food…


Rev **

hmmm good point

:ponders his position on the subject:

… ok well as long as those people at arbys do their job ok, I think Ill be good!

watch out for that horseradish sauce…

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**watch out for that horseradish sauce… **


that has been the source of many pranks in my past :wink:

Wow. This is the first time I’ve started a thread that went past like three posts.

I’m so happy. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well this filipino girl would never spit on your food, even if she was having a bad night. :stuck_out_tongue:

But if I am feeling a little thuggish, I might give you extra pickles. I remember a time when this customer kept coming back for sides of spread (the sauce that is really nothing more than thick thousand island dressing). People like to dip their fries in them. At about the fifth time he came, we served it to him in a small drink cup with a straw. He didn’t come back for more after that.

haha, thats hilarious ren. Special Sauce is not very special if you ask me…