McGiver's footer, more dangerous than we thought?

So i was making some lovely burgers, i decided to spam the forums for a little while i waited, but i started playing McGivers evil tank footer game, next think i know, smoke is pouring from the kitchen, my tastey delights are in flames, and every smoke decteter in the house is going crazy… :frowning: :ch: :frowning:

roflmao, that’s classic, I think we ought to force mcgiver to have a warning to get off your computer and look at something else if you need too every two levels…

btw, what level did you get too?!?!?!


I wonder what happens when you beat the game?

he should have balloons fly up and an immediate redirect to his site with a huge award that you can put in your footer to say you beat it :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve never made it past 5 :frowning:

I haven’t made it near five :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=1]I haven’t made it past 1[/size]

you should try playing all 7 of his footers at once… Can kill you in an instant.

I think I’ve got as far as four but it’s to addictive…perhaps we can sue :evil:

thanks guys :love:
@macneilslt: I call it the McGiver-Diet :smiley:

Yeah - I too spend waaaay too much time playing his footer game :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t got past level 1, I always give up :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve never been good at games :wink:

You should shrink that “click to play” thing. It really really has an effect on people’s minds. How can I say no to it?

I got up to 7, I think. Had to quit, though. Too addictive.

****… got to the dune level and died… :frowning:

v. addicting :p:

I feel sorry for the monkey he has locked up in a cage playing you guys all day.

but really, what happens when somebody beats it? is it possible?

I think a few people did beat the game, because McGiver has a stats page that logs how far users have gone. One of the member even posted about his winning it somewhere in Random :slight_smile:

I see… let’s see if they posted what happened :stuck_out_tongue:

That shows how many people actually finished it until July 4th.