Mc's with transitions

I am trying to get transitions to load between movies. I want it to be that once someone clicks on one button and a movie is loaded that when they click on another link that the first movie plays a transition and THEN the next movie is loaded. I know that this is a very common thing so any help will be wonderful.

I have a movie (called rotate) within a movie (called wheel) thats on the main stage. The buttons are within rotate. The links are to start a movie instance (called contact1) that is on the main stage. I tried using variables to get this to work so I could have the transitions afterwards. That did not work. I got the code from this tute:

That works for other flash files that I have but for some reason would not work for this file. I also tried adding in there code to point to the instance that I’m trying to link to but that didnt work either. I dont know if it has to do with the buttons being within a movie thats within another movie.

Finally, I got code from another post that made the links work. Here is the code that is on the button:

on (release) {

So that worked but I cannot figure out how to get transitions to work now with that. It was easy with the variable solution to get the transitions to work but now with the other way I cant get it.

Any suggestions…Please! Thanks!

(if I didnt explain that well, let me know and I will try to explain a but better) :toad: