.mdb file 2003 question

.mdb database is network access.
On each computer in turn opens. However, if opened from one computer to another will not open. Without any messages. Client Settings - shared (not exclusive). Files also .accdb open normally.

What is the reason I cannot understand? Requires multiuser work with files is .mdb. When the earlier all worked fine for the 2003 office.

Can you create a copy of the MDB file and try to open the copied version?

Try this sequence in order below or as an additional resources for restoring .mdb file see and learn following topics, and in case your corruption is severe, one more solution must assist you https://www.repairtoolbox.com/accessrepair.html

The repair method attempts to recover only the tables, indexes and queries in the database. Do not attempt to repair damaged forms, reports, macros and modules. Before executing the Compact and Repair tool, please ensure the following condition:

  1. Do not open Access database must closed
  2. Sufficient storage space available - minimum double in size of your Access database on that Disk.
  3. Close the .mdb file related to .ldb file before you delete the .ldb file.
  4. Then Run the Compact and Repair tool