MDM Zinc V2.5 Released

London, United Kingdom – November 7th, 2005 - Multidmedia Ltd today announced the release of Zinc 2.5, the latest version of their Industry defining software for Macromedia Flash Application Development. Zinc has long been established as a leader in the “Flash to Desktop” movement and has provided Flash Designers and Developers the ability to create Desktop Applications based on the Flash SWF Format.

“We were the first to bring the terms ‘RAD’ and ‘Flash’ together,” said Jaspal Sohal, Chief Executive Officer, Multidmedia, "Flash dominates virtually every platform and device and we’re extending that EcoSystem to the Users Desktop. We’ve given Flash developers the tools to create real world, cross platform, desktop applications from a familiar and recognized format.”

Multidmedia have successfully pioneered several “firsts” in Flash Application Development. In 2004, they were the first to support both Windows and Mac OSX, and earlier this year, the first to provide the same level of development power for Pocket PC devices. Zinc 2.5 extends Flash ActionScript with over 800 additional commands and includes a number of new features and enhancements, most notably; Zinc’s all new Scripting API. The new API, called {mdm}Script 2.0, is another Multidmedia World First, providing completely 100% Synchronous Code Execution on both Windows and Mac OSX.

“{mdm}Script 2.0 provides a true object orientated approach to Scripting your Zinc Applications” said Stavros Katsoulis, Chief Technical Officer, Multidmedia, “it’s more like ActionScript than ever before, making it instantly accessible to thousands of Flash Designers and Developers. It’s the world’s first synchronous solution for both Windows and Mac Users.”

Jack Cardinal, President of IntoMotion and two-time Macromedia Max Awards finalist, is one of the many Industry professionals who have adopted Zinc in developing Flash Applications. “We’ve used Zinc for some years now, and it’s become an integral part of the work we do. Our Award nominated application, The Bank of America Home Ownership Center, relies upon Zinc to deliver real world development power which is otherwise just not possible.”

Zinc 2.5 is available now for Windows and Mac OSX. Pricing is $299.99 for a single license (per platform), or $499.99 for both Platforms. Education, government, and volume pricing is available. To learn more about purchasing options, or to download the trial version, visit

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