MDM Zinc v2 Pocket PC Edition Now Available

Windows, Mac OSX and now Pocket PC! Zinc v2 Pocket PC Edition is another MDM World Exclusive - Build and Deploy Pocket PC Applications based upon the Macromedia SWF Flash™ Format!

Since its debut at Flash Forward New York, the Pocket PC Edition of Zinc v2 has stirred an immense amount of interest and intrigue in the Flash Development Community! From the web, to the desktop, and now, the Ultimate SWF2EXE is available for Pocket PC Application Development based upon the Macromedia Flash Format!

“Extending the power of Flash Applications onto Pocket PC devices will expand the Flash Eco-System tenfold” said MDM Managing Director, Jaspal Sohal, “we’re aiming to bring the same level of functionality and power found in Zinc v2 to developers and designers who want to develop for Pocket PC.”

Zinc v2 Pocket PC Edition features over 150 {mdm}Script Commands for use in Pocket PC Flash Applications - Read, Write and Delete Files & Folders, manuipulate Device Settings and even connect to Databases! By supporting {mdm}Script Commands, it means that a single SWF can be compiled for Windows, Mac OSX and Pocket PC using the Zinc v2 Family of Products!

In addition to Scripting support, Zinc v2 Pocket PC Edition also provides novice users with a simple “One Click Build” to port their current Flash Games and Apps to the Pocket PC! Customize Icons, Size & Position - you can even create a customized Active Sync Installer for your Project!

The Pocket PC Edition is shipping now at just £299.99/$549.99 and can be purchased at the MDM Online Shop.

To learn more about Zinc v2 Pocket PC and download the Trial Version, Click Here.

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