MDN Redesign

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See it live:


Home Page

JavaScript Tutorial (Prototypes)

Specifications and compatibility table (fetch)

So far, I don’t like it :confused: . Maybe I’ll grow to like it but it seems too simple and I’m not a fan of the color scheme(s).

TBH apart from colour scheme and “related articles” box I’m not seeing the changes…

Methods/ functions/ objects still have properties. syntax, parameters, return value, example, browser support and the related methods/ parent drop down column.

I mostly use MDN for quick reference and Google dev for more in depth use cases.

Then if I want to take a really deep dive I look at your JS tips of the day :slightly_smiling_face:

Ive also been thinking of doing up an MDN cheat sheet for all things JS.

Maybe like a table with parent Object, properties (read write ect), methods (args, return val, example)…

I find it more useful to be able to look at a sheet of paper pinned near my monitor than scroll through MDN.

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Seems okay to me; since the redesign doesn’t seem to get in the way of the content any more than the previous design did.

Search behaves more like a filter than search… which is a bit annoying because I had to consult one of my own repos to find the name of Element.getClientRects. (I knew it was plural, but thought it had Bounding in the name like getBoundingClientRect.)

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The redesign has some nice elements to it. I do miss some of the quirkiness the first MDN had years ago. With each redesign, they go further into being more “professional” :luggage: