Memory leak (pureMVC?)


Iam trying to debug someone elses AS3 application that is showing a memory leak. The application is built with PureMVC.

I have managed to locate the place where the memory leak seems to start. There is a button that causes the application to launch a slideshow. This draws a new graph every 8 seconds or so by creating a Timer. In the Timer handle function the code uses sendNotifaction() to set off series of events which basically boil down to getting information from a server and drawing a new graph.

Now if I comment out the sendNotification() the memory leak stops, but if I leave the senNotification() in but comment out the code that subsribes to it the memory usage starts to build up.

So my question is can simply firing off a sendNotification() every 8 secs in PureMVC cause a memory leak, even if not other code runs from this?

I can provide code if you need it but Im not sure which bits would be helpful.

I have been working on this for a week, now with no real progress, my boss come back on Monday and I am desperate. Any help would be very greatfully recieved!