Memory to Video Card

Is there a utility to allocate RAM or another form of memory for the Video Card. I did google searches but came up with a lot of unrelated results. (So I can get more video memory on my notebook computer)

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I’m not sure what you mean by allocate. RAM on video card is what you get is what you have. You can do stuff like overclock the card to squeeze better performance.

Can I have some of my normal ram act as video card ram? (I hear some notebooks have this option in their BIOS and I was wondering if there was a utility that did the same thing.)

That’s called Shared Memory, and videocards that use it are generally crap. I know it’s possible, I’m just not sure if it’s possible if it hasn’t been like that in the first place.

if your monitor is plugged in by your keyboard inputs, you probably have on board video - if you plug the monitor into a card slot in the lower slot portion of the back, you have an actual video card with its own independent ram.

if the latter is the case i have not heard of a utility that would do such a thing…

if you have an on board card you can change the setting in the BIOS it should be called on board video aperature or something like that, and you can up it - just realize that if you have 512 mb of total system ram, and your video card is at like 256mb shared…then you really on have 256mb to run your system on…

be extremely careful!