MENU please help DESPERATE

Hi everyone i am fresh in FLASH MX and I really need help with a click and drop down menu. Ok this is how it is arranged So i made a movie called “menu” with two layers first layer has the buttun the second layer has the group of buttuns. Both layers have these keyframes On 1, 10 and 20 the first one for the buttuns is the over the main buttun stage then keyframe 10 is the one below the main buttun and 20 is over the main buttun again. Then i gave it motion tween so when you clicked on the buttun the group of buttuns would come down and stop. But I have a big problem. When you click on the one of the buttuns in the group for it to go to another scene it doesn’t work. I tried putting URL it works for those but not for scenes. It doesn’t work at all but everything like clicking the main buttun so that the other buttuns come down the whole process works but the part where you select to go doesn’t work. Please i really need help with this. I have been stuck on this thing for a week now if someone could show me how to build and drop down menu or tell me how the buttuns can be made to work please i will really appreciate it.
THANK YOU very Much.

If you mean your menu doesn’t stay down when you change scenes it won’t, going to a new scene is like opening a completely different flash movie, all movies will be set to their original state. Now if the button won’t link to another scene perhaps you could post the Actionscript you are using.

The problem is not the menu staying down on the 10th keyframe where the buttuns come down the menu stays down. But when you click on the buttuns nothing happens they just either go back up or nothing at all. Please help me thank you.

can you attach the fla ?? :smirk:

it’s easier having something to work with …

Here is the Fla source file. Thanks you guys.

i knew the reason but i just wanted to be sure … :crazy:
use [color=red]frame labels[/color] instead of the frame number

for example:

select the first frame in scene 2. in the properties panel you’ll see a little input field that says frame label … type in some name for your frame

then in your button use this action:

on (release) {


thank you soo much KAX works perfectly. thank you soo much.

no problem silentkiller :slight_smile:

by the way … i like your nick :wink:

One more question i am sorry. this is the code you gave me:
on (release) {

Which action gives you this just so that i don’t have to copy and paste this all the time. I don’t know which one gives u the root.

this should answer your question :wink:

I am sorry but i just wanted to know what you guys think. These are the two sites i have been working on: this is for a friend this is for this company
Some of the stuff i have found online and just put together