On rollover got to frame "Button" HELP!

Hey !
Im new here in the forum, I realy love it. And im new in Flash MX
I realy Love the program.
Now I have created some sites but this one is more cop. for me as a Newb. i Made a Scene 2 becouse 1 is for the loader.
then I press to MENU ROOT then to Tween 4 then finely to MENU,
in MENU “movie clip” i get my buttons ! one of them is NEWS !
I whant to link the news button to secene 2 so that when i press it, it gos to frame 15 in secene 2, i have tryd :-
On release :-
Goto frame : “Secene 2” frame – 15

but when i test it ,it dos not go to secene 2 or to frame 15 it just dont do a thing ?
I tryd the _root action but i dont know how it works

can you guys help me please ?
Thank you very much !

no body knows ? !:-\

No body knows about this !
I mean what shall i do =?
tell me if u dont understand a thing !:q: :angry:

I have created a site okay
I have 2 secene(s) secene 1 and 2
Secene 1 is for the loader and secene 2 is for my site !
I have created a menu, that moves when i press the menu button it gos moving “sliding” from the left side !
When i click on the menu and in to the buttons, I whant to link the buttons to eny frame in secene 2 !
How can i do that ?

I added a action(s) to the button “News”
On release
go to frame 15 and in ( secene 2 )

when i try the button in defualt html it dos not work !

How can i do it with flash mx ?

Thank you very much

Flash has a “bug” or something that does no allow you to chance scenes from inside a movie clip.

Frankly… loadMovie() is preferred 9 out of 10 (or 10 out of 10) over scenes any day, but I am not going to get into that.

The solution to your problem would be giving your target frame a frame label, and using gotoAndPlay(“frameLabel”)

Check this thread for further details…


Thanx man !

I did like that !

I created a movie clip in the secene and its empty !

the name contents ( 0.0 ) ( 0.0 )
then i called the news button to action !

on release … call funtion


and it did work so perfectly !
like the tutorial ! “the fullsite” tut !
:trout: :geek:

Congratulations on getting it working :slight_smile: