Menu referencing problem / question - FLA MX

Scenerio: I wanted to build a navigation menu which sits off the bottom right of the screen with only a tab showing. When the mouse rolls over the tab it activates and the menu rolls out onto the screen.

Problem: I made the Navigation bar menu with 5 buttons, each made from MCs. Each button has a script attached for the following state:

[COLOR=Lime]on/COLOR - this turns the button a different colour
[COLOR=Lime]on/COLOR - returns the button to its original state
[COLOR=Lime]on/COLOR - changes the text colour on the button
[COLOR=Lime]on/COLOR - returns the text colour on the button to its original state and activates a loadMovie script

the 5 buttons are all inside inside a Mc called “navBarMc” this is then inside another Mc called “navBar”. The navBarMc is animated so it slides from right to left with frame labels “roll out” and “roll in”

When I put the “navBar” Mc on the stage all the buttons in the menu still work fine. However when I put th following script on the the “navBar” to tell it to animate it seams to deactivate the button scripts.

[COLOR=Magenta]this.gotoAndPlay[/COLOR]([COLOR=Blue]“roll out”[/COLOR]);

[COLOR=Magenta]this.gotoAndPlay[/COLOR]([COLOR=Blue]“roll in”[/COLOR]);

ive also tried usin [COLOR=Magenta]_root.navBar[/COLOR] insteadr of [COLOR=Magenta]this.[/COLOR]

Sory is this is a little long winded but im not at my PC and dont have the FLA to attach and my memory is a little vague at the moment.

Can anyone offer a reason why the buttons work untill I put a script on the “navBar” to control the left / right animation??