Attention Flash Ninjas! Navigation help needed!

Hello! :ninja:

I am wracking my head to find the right script to add to my navigation buttons.

A fine example i am referring to is here : FlashBax

In FlashBax main navigation area, you can click on a button and activate its respective content. Once you click on another button (any of them) the original content slides off the stage and the new content appears. No matter which button you press, the original content slides off and the new appears.

How do they do it?

My buttons are contained within an MC, thus calling the content on the main timeline. I just can not figure out how this type of navigation works.

My button code so far :

on (release) {

It activates an animation starting at frame “2” and stops on frame “40”. I am trying to get the animation to continue from “41” and then flow to the next animation once another button is pressed and so forth. This is what I speculate so far how this could possibly work.

I am open to all suggestions, all help is appreciated! :ko: