Menu Tutorial

Does anybody know where i can find a tutorial on making a menu in flash?:-\

thanks in advance,
:pirate: Mike:rambo:

Someone anybody

there are all sorts of tutorials on menus. you can also download source from people and figure out how to do it from that or you could download components and just edit the variables.
go to the flash exchange, log in and find extensions
those are other good sites for flash tutorials and source files

you can also search by clicking on the search button on the top right and see if there are any tutorials here that address what you’re trying to do specifically

hope this helps

there a million ways to do menus (that’s not an exageration). Why don’t you start with what kind of menu you would like… and go from there.

anybody any ideas:asian:

Baba - nice banner. Like that a lot, very cool. :slight_smile:

Try for tips like that. I’m not sure myself.

Ya i’m just looking to make a simple drop down menu.
like at this site: (its in the skate part).
thanks in advance,
:asian: mike:rambo:

yeah … thats an easy one to do

animate a movie the way you want your menu to look like. set it to go up on click and then once its up specify in that frame that onclick it goes back down.

once you’ve done that insert your buttons on the frame where your down animation ends. then they will appear and disappear when the menu goes back up.

hope this helps

Thanks i’ll try it