Merge multiple (similar) databases

Are there any tools available for merging databases? Essentially, I’d like to have an application that would allow me to specify two SQL files (or connect to two DBs), analyze the differences between them (indexes, table columns, records, etc.) and then make them identical (by inclusion).

I’ve been using MySQL GUI Tools, , HeidiSQL, and Navicat for some time now, and to my recollection none of them provide such a tool.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

P.S. I know this can be done manually (which is probably the best way to be certain that there are no conflicts and what-not) but none of this is public facing yet and I’d like to be as lazy as possible in this regard as to allow focus to be directed at actual development.

[whisper]Man, I swear I’ve asked this question before… Can’t find the thread though… :/[/whisper]