Database Merging

Nearly every one of my projects uses both a testing/staging environment and a live site. Likewise, they all use databases. Working with the databases between environments can be a real pita, as updates to the testing/staging database often need to be singularly (column by column, row by row, table by table) pushed to the live version.

This has always felt tedious to me. I’m curious if any of you have tools that you use that can handle database merging (without direct SQL manipulation). I’ve been through the paradigm of SQL GUIs such as SQLYog, HeidiSQL, PHPMyAdmin, Navicat, and most recently the MySQL GUI tools from the MySQL website (by far the best, and free), but unless I’m missing something none of them seem to do the job.

This is just me being lazy, but there has got to be a better way to do this whole database merging thing… If not, I’ll just have to make a way and share it with all of you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any ideas?