Microsoft to buy Google?!

Anyone else heard about this? A few articles to check out -

the motley fool

Real or just PR hype for an impending IPO?


google is da best now we’re gonna have it overrun by freaking popupwindows and banner ads argh

oh fer farks sake…

…I can see it all now:

“…Google has performed an illegal action and will now shut down…”

rotflmao nice RR

well…if worst comes to worst…apple can come up with one :smiley:

but no i love google to much to see it go like this…i love you google has apple make a move

lol, i’d doubt apple would get into the search-engine business… MS on the other hand does run the search engine, and it wanting to take over google makes a bit of sense

and that is the scariest part (the fact that it makes sense)

:!: rofCmao

it only makes sense to them not me no no no i love google just the way its always been

There is nothing wrong with MS buying them. It’ll probably ensure google survives. Besides, google was planning an IPO for sometime next year - sooner or later it was bound to be bought out :cap:

on the bright side –
i can’t wait to download the google service pack 1

what do you mean insure google survives kirupa? I would think they are very well off and one of the most successful internet start up companies along with amazon and ebay.

They planned on going public sometime next year using an online auction system. Sounds pretty interesting and levels the field a bit for us without connections. That’s why I’m a little skeptical of the whole merger thing…people could see the company as being more valuable if MS wants them, driving up the price on the IPO. I’ll keep an eye out for anything big that develops.

Motley Fool article - might have to register to acces

Kmans undying love for saint $Billl has clouded his view meThinks…:wink:

woe is us who have to endure the whims of yet another redmond based mono-pollie

I would never believe this! :!: have to do some research. On Google. Wait. :h:

I can see it now… (search 1,000,000 sites!) (only $2,000 - search all the sites google used to!)

wow… it didn’t take very long for those changes to happen, did it?

It almost looked authentic, if you just would’ve changed the “1-10 of about 1,160” it’d be cool.

doh… so close :frowning:

haha that’s funny, gotta love the “Microsoft r0x0rz!” description :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it true? … google should be protected by international laws, like a mountain or egyptian pyramid…can’t be sell!!

I’ve gotta do something.
I call bill. wait.