Microsoft's stupid new browser or maybe just me

This could spell the end of functional flash websites or it could be me.

My client says that when he tries to use the mail link on the flash site I designed him he gets and MSN dialogue box asking for MSN passport number and password. He says that he has had a lot of people contacting him with the same problem.

I’m just using a simple getURL command that I’ve used countless times before and the site doesn’t show any problems on my browsers.

A freind of mine sent me some information from the MSN website regarding rich-media advertisements. It seemed to say that in order for links to work through a flash site you can’t use getURL you have to use an fscommand and submit the url as a variable??? I tried their method but it derfinately doesn’t work with mailto:

Has anyone else encountered any similar problems?

Sorry if I haven’t explained this very clearly.

Here’s the MSN info link,

PS. I think is may be to do with the new MSN browser