Two Questions from a Flash Noob

Hello all,

I’ve just joined the forum and I’ve brought two noobish issues with me. Let me state that I am just now delving into the world of Flash in general.

I am working on a website, the shell of which can be viewed at

The menu is a flash component which derives its structure from XML.

Question #1: Is it possible to have a <url> open in a new window? i.e. like “_blank” works for an href tag. If so, how?

Also, we have implented an image rotator as a separate component. While the images seem to process just fine in both IE 6 and 7, in Mozilla 1.5 and 2.0 it only seems to process a handful of images before ‘freezing up.’

Question #2: Any ideas on why the above is happening?

I’d aooreciate any feedback. I’d be willing to post the code in the morning if anyone wants to have a look.

Also, I’ll be sure to browse tutorials and previous posts tomorrow, yet any help would be greatly appreciated!