Milos Adventure Engine Test

Hi guys, this is my first thread here. ive been reading the forum for quite awhile but ive never really been into forums, but i would like some opinions on a project me and a friend have been working on for some time now. the project was started to get out of doing a really cruddy sound breif for college… lol but we decided to carry it on for more than the sound and were almost ready to start building the first installment of storyline. The engine does have some issues that i know of, but at the moment i cant seem to figure out why they happen. maybe someone could shead some light on it.

here is the url for the game in its current state:

im at work at the moment, but when i get home i will neaten up the current version because some things were added (the house and new screens) last night when i was very tired and needed my pillow.

Love to hear what you think, and any problems you find. i will list all of the current bugs i know of when i get home and find my arm length list :stuck_out_tongue: