Mockup Design

I’m going to be redoing my sites design soon for mobile devices and for design it has currently.

Mostly wondering if I’m going in the right direction (those that know me know I don’t really do design work other that UI development so… it always ends up looking like an app).

[whisper]the icon that shows up right now if you drag my site to the home screen… haven’t tested but was told it will work from a blog[/whisper]

[whisper]iPod Touch view (really what I’m gonna make it look like on smartphones/other devices)[/whisper]

[whisper]Full Site… there are a 6 large buttons and a ton of small ones that show up after you click the large one (anchor tags not an accordion).[/whisper]

[whisper]//edit, iPod image updated to match full sized.[/whisper]
[whisper]//edit2, gradients inverted.[/whisper]