Modifications to February-Stars

Ok friends, I need your help!

I’m going to be making modifications to my portfolio site.
Most of you know the purpose of my site, and what I need it to do for me, so I ask you,

What new features would you like to see?
What changes to the interface do you want to see made?

On the chopping block: **

  • Integration of Lightbox 2
  • Overall content layout design refined
  • How I display my wallpaper’s and the resolution download links re-design
  • Complete content injection – no more broken links – especially needed once the artshow is over, I will need to update my portfolio with all the new work.
  • PHP integration so that updates to my quick nav will be easier

Keep in mind I am keeping the current design, just modifying it so that it will be the best it can be.

Then I shall submit it to every farging CSS gallery site out there!

I am open for ALL ideas so let me have it!!