Module 9 - Publishing to a Web Server

Hi K, thanks for the file of Module 6.

Today I’m stuck. Again unfortunately.
I have registered for free hosting with ‘’ and ' In the Publish Destination window I put in the address I am being given after registering with these sites for the free space.

I keep getting a window with a list of reasons why I can’t get to the address and then at the end a message saying site might not support Frontpage Server Extentions.

I tried to use the “Click here to learn more” link in the Publish Destination Window [Pg 285]. It takes me to the Microsoft site, where a list of companies that support ftp come up but then I get confused and don’t know what to do any more. Can you help me please. Maybe tell me of sites that support Frontpage with which I can register until I’m testing my work and where finally I won’t get a window with a list of reasons why I can’t continue.


Hey Martha,
Those sites probably do not support the FrontPage Extensions. Try entering the path of your site in the URL box (you may have the default test page appear for your site). Press the Edit button in your browser and FrontPage will launch. Try adding the username and password and see if the site loads that way. Some sites may not support publishing using FrontPage, but they may allow you to edit using FrontPage. If the site loads from the Edit button from the browser, you can Import the Web into your site. It is the equivalent of publishing your page.

If editing the page does not work and you still get the no FrontPage Server Extensions error, try a free site such as GeoCities that does support (to my knowledge) the FrontPage extensions should work. I think the Microsoft site that lists the number of servers does include several free hosts that will help you out.