Moluse over/tool tip problem!

hey good folks,

i have a problem that im sure someone can solve and hence feel that they have contributed somewhat to the betterment of mankind… we are all winners here! :luigi:

what it is is that i want to have a mouse over tool tip that appears according to something happening (for instance a counter reaching a certain number). the problem is that the user’s mouse is already over the item for which there is a tool tip BEFORE the event happens. The problem is the user only sees the tool tip when he mouses out and mouses over the item - what i want is for the user not to have to move his cursor but for the tool tip to appear immediately.

im attaching an fla which demonstrates what i mean - if you click on go this starts a counter- once you have clicked on go put your mouse over the clip labelled ‘caption’ what i want to happen is the caption to appear - sorry the code is rough!

many thanks for any help!