Momentary flash effect

hey gang,

This may be a rookie question, but how do they make the effect of say a box that will display text opening, and there seems to be a flash that draws your attention to it, but it’s only for a split second. It seems to go white, grey and then the designed color. Any .fla or hints would be great example, look at the numbers and arrows on the below site. that is the effect I am trying to get at. Any help is appreciated.

You can do the tween by hand. For example set the color to white on frame 1, black on frame 2, then design color on frame 3. I think doing this is better than coding it in AS.

maybe like what bobdoe but with alpha

Thanks guys, I will give it a shot, open to more ideas.
PS I like the bobdoe footer.

something like this when the arrow stops in the middle
[swf=]width=550 height=100[/swf]